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The Southbound had a long day on the water today

. We fished 2 trips today. In the morning we had a 6 hr trip. we headed offshore looking for Dolphin and Wahoo and hopefully Tuna. The Wahoo and the Tuna did not cooperate, but the Dolphin did! We ended up with 8 Keeper Dolphin and released 3 big Barracudas. Not a “Crush” as far as dolphin fishing goes, but enough action and enough “groceries” for my customers to take home to make everyone happy.

A couple keeper dolphin on the Southbound in Key West, Florida

2 Keeper dolphin

In the afternoon

we only had a 4 hr trip. We didn’t have time to run too far offshore. To be honest, we caught more “keeper” Dolphin inshore on the morning trip that offshore, so I wasn’t too worried. We picked up two “keepers” right away, but then things quieted down. We ended up going to one of the near shore wrecks and getting 5 nice Barracudas to finish the day with some fun