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We had two half day trips today.

Half days can be tough this time of year. On a half day, you don’t have much time to fish, so as a Captain, I have to try to make it happen pretty quickly.

On our morning trip,

we fished out to 350 ft of water to start. It looked ok. There was a bit of a color change and the water was a better color than inshore. We did have some weed patches to work. We worked the weed for the first hour without any bites and time was getting short. So I worked back inshore toward some of the wrecks just south of Key West. There had been a few Black Fin Tuna caught and some bonitos in that area. We saw some birds working the water and picked up a bonito. We worked around one wreck southeast of Key West and hooked a big fish. It was pulling drag on a 50 w international reel. Unfortunately, the hooked pulled.

By the way it was fighting,

I’m guessing it was a very large King Mackerel. Possibly a Wahoo, I’ve caught Wahoo on that wreck before. But Wahoo don’t like green water and it was very green inshore around the wrecks today. We went around the wreck again and got a smaller King mackerel. Not as big as the one we lost, but big enough to provide dinner for my customers

Barracuda caught and releaseed in Key West fishing with Southbound

In the afternoon,

We had a quick turn-around. Not a lot of time between half day trips. we headed out to the same area and found conditions were tough. The water was still green, but the Sargasso weed pushed out with the tide and was everywhere. Unfortunately, it was scattered out and made it very difficult to troll. We did manage to catch another king mackerel and a really nice Black Fin Tuna. The Tuna was close to 20 lbs. It should make for a great dinner for the afternoon group

Fish caugth in Key West, Florida fishing with Southbound