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We had 2 4 hr trips today. That is good for business but can make for tough fishing. 4 hrs is not a long time. I probably make more money on 2 half days, but honestly, I would rather one long trip than 2 halves. I like being out there, not running in and out. The more fishing time I get, the better. But what I want and what is booked is 2 different things. You’ve got to work with what you have.

After a tough day yesterday, I decided to keep things close. It would give us more fishing time. I made a quick stop for live bait and we were able to catch enough to fish with fairly quickly. I only had to throw the net Twice. The more I have to throw it, the wetter I get, (and the more tired), so if I can catch enough in one or two throws, it makes me much happier, (and dryer).

The morning trip was a father/son trip and they just wanted action and maybe a little for dinner. That sounded like slow trolling the reef for Mackerel and whatever else would be perfect. Fun fish to catch on light tackle that were also good to eat.

As I said, we got the bait fairly easy, but honestly, I wasn’t seeing much activity around the reef. Usually, when the Cero Mackerel are thick as they have been on some days recently, you will see them feeding. They will get a “running” start, leap out of the water and crash into a school of bait with their mouth open. Their teeth are so sharp that all they have to do is nick one of the baits and wound it. Then the wounded bait becomes easy prey.

I’m not sure if it was the color of the water, which was very murky and green, but they were not biting great. We managed to catch a few nice ones and lost some others. Catching them on light tackle still makes each fish a challenge. Everyone caught fish and there was plenty for dinner.

fish caught in Key West fishing on charter boat Southbound

In the afternoon, we went back to the same area. We still had plenty of bait and I was hoping the water would clear up with the tide change. The bait was still there and I did see more Mackerel activity, but the bite was about the same. We did get a couple of nice yellowtails, (delicious), and a couple of Mackerels. There was enough for everyone to have a great meal.