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Sometimes it’s not about what you catch. Sometimes just being out there is worth the “price of admission” I realize, people book me to go out and catch fish and I am always trying to give my customers what they want, But yesterday, We hooked the first Blue Marlin I’ve had on since the summer of 2017 and it was a big one. It makes no sense to try to guess the size. We were at least 200 yards away when it came up and started going wild. Huge splashes from a huge fish. All I can say is it was big….very big. We didn’t catch it so any size estimate is just a guess and I really don’t want to do that. But, big or not, caught or not, it was a thrill just see one of Mother Nature’s creatures, a top predator in the ocean, put on a show. I saw it all that night, I still see it in my mind. I’m sure my 1st mate Ben and the customer do too! To their credit, none of the guys we had out fishing were really upset the fish got off. It was on 30lb test, pretty small for  a blue marlin of any size, so the odds were against us. Everyone on board just appreciated the fact we got to see it. This was not something that we watched on the discovery channel, this was our own experience, with our own eyes we got to see an awesome display of nature that most people don’t ever get to see. It was very cool. I will never get too old to appreciate moments like that. It is why life is worth living!