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I have said many times

that I know how lucky I am. Going fishing is a great job in a wonderful place. I get to go have fun with people and get paid for it. But I do have other things I need to do in my life that I can’t do on the boat. Every once in awhile, I need a day off.

Laundry is one thing that comes to mind.

It piles up quick when you are fishing every day. Even though most days, I get to stay pretty clean up on the bridge, there are days when I come home smelling like a fisherman.

Paperwork is another “thing”

I can’t do on the boat. I still can’t understand why I get so much mail. I’ll let it pile up for a couple of days then go through it, ( I hate Paperwork).

Of course, there is the Yard.

Fortunately, my yard is your basic postage-stamp-sized Key West yard. I do have a pretty nice lawn, but it’s been dry so I haven’t had to mow it much and when I do, it takes about 8 minutes.

Then there’s fixing things around the house.

Checking on the family rental units. Fixing things on my car and the biggest one- Fixing things on the boat. The boat is a non-stop project. In the last week, I have replaced on Alternator and filled the batteries with water. Both pretty minor, but neither was fun after a day of fishing.

I guess basically what I’m saying,

(or maybe bitching about) is even though I know I have a great job and I love being out on the water so many days of the year, Life gets in the way and I  have to get a day off every so often. To be honest I don’t want too many. I like working, always have. Today was the day. Back to work tomorrow!