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The Southbound

The Key West fishing charter boat SOUTHBOUND is a 40 ft. custom fiberglass sport fisherman built in Key West for the waters of Key West.

Sport Fishing

For Beginners to Experts!

Having the right tackle for different anglers and conditions is important. On the SOUTHBOUND we offer a wide range of tackle so we can accommodate both the beginner and the seasoned angler.

We have everything from 80 lb. trolling rods to 15 lb. spinning reels. Our preferred tackle while trolling is 30 lb. test line. This has proven to be a great all-around line size. It’s not too small for the big fish and still light enough to allow smaller fish to put up a great fight.

We’ve successfully landed Blue and White Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dolphin, Barracuda, Tuna, Grouper and Snapper fishing with 30 lb. tackle.

For the more experienced angler, 15 and 20 lb. spinning tackle is available.



The 40 ft. Southbound has a 14 ft. beam (width) to give it a comfortable, stable ride on the water and a roomy back deck that can support 5 fishing chairs comfortably.

The SOUTHBOUND has the latest in marine electronics including GPS, Chart plotter, Radar, Color Depth Sounder, VHF Radio, and cell phone.



Less running time means more Fishing time!

700 HP generated by SOUTHBOUND’s twin Caterpillar diesel engines gives Southbound the speed to get to the fishing grounds faster.

With a top speed of 27 kts and a 20 kt cruise, you’ll be fishing before other boats get there!



As Captain and owner of the SOUTHBOUND, I’ve been fishing the waters of Key West for over 30+ years.

I have a U.S. Coast Guard Masters Captains License that allows me to operate vessels up to 100 tons.

Before owning the SOUTHBOUND, operated the M/V Can’t Miss, a 75 ft bottom fishing boat here in Key West. The largest boat to ever enter the Garrison Bight 

ALL bait, tackle and fishing licenses are included in the cost of a charter. Customers bring their own food and drink, however, cooler space and the ice to keep it cold are provided.


Latest Key West Catches & Fishing Reports

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

The Southbound found a message in a bottle on Friday We were fishing about 12 miles Southeast of Key West. I saw a big Loggerhead turtle on the surface near some weed patches. Sometimes bait will follow a turtle same as it would anything else floating on the surface....

The Mahi are biting

The Mahi are biting

We have been targeting Mahi for the last few weeks. It is the time of year when they start showing up and right on schedule, the mahi are biting most days. We do have a late season Cold front coming tomorrow. The change in the wind and/or pressure might slow the Mahi...

It’s getting to be that “Mahi” time of year

It’s getting to be that “Mahi” time of year

May is usually the start of the "Mahi" time of the year That is when we start to see some South and East wind. Hopefully, we also see some strong East current and weed lines forming up offshore. When that happens, it's time to go fishing for Mahi, (dolphin fish). We...