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It was another good day on the Southbound today

We had a 6 hr trip today. My anglers wanted to make sure they had enough fish to take back to feed the others in their group. For that reason, I opted to go to the reef and get live bait again. We have been doing a lot of this lately, mainly because it works and works well.

The conditions for getting bait

were not good this morning. We had wind against the tide. That means the chum is going toward the bow and into the wind. It is very difficult to throw a cast net into the wind, if not impossible. So it makes it difficult. The bait will sometimes take laps around the boat, but usually, they don’t hang near the stern long enough to net them. I think we got a little lucky today as they came around the stern and hung out long enough for us to net them.

So with a well full of live bait

We pulled anchor and started to slow troll around the reef. The action was pretty good. Lots of mackerel bites and some nice sized Yellowtail Snapper. After about 2 hours we had plenty of “eating” fish in the boat and my customers decided they wanted to go out deeper and look for a “bigger” fish. We headed out off the reef to about 170 ft of water and put the baits out again. It didn’t take long before our deep line went off and started screaming drag. After about a 10-minute fight we boated a very nice 23lb Black Fin Tuna.

We put the baits back out and about 30 minutes later we hooked another nice Black Fin Tuna, the second one was a little smaller than the first, but still a very nice fish. Black Fin is a smaller Tuna. The world Record, (caught in Key West) is 44lbs. My biggest is 36lbs so they don’t get huge, but pound for pound, they are tremendous fighters and will pull hard all the way to the boat.

Black Fin are also a delicious fish and a favorite of locals.

for some great Black Fin Tuna recipes click here: https://www.tfrecipes.com/fresh-blackfin-tuna/


23 lb Black Fin Tuna makes for another good day on the Southbound

Big Black Fin Tuna caught on the Southbound in Key West, Florida

15lb Black Fin Tuna makes for another good day on the Southbound

Black Fin Tuna caught on charter boat Southbound