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We have been catching a lot of Wahoos the last week or so. I think we’ve had over a dozen in the last couple of weeks. The last 2 days were tough fishing. I had shorter trips and the Wahoos didn’t bite. Unfortunately for the Wahoo fishing, the water color is changing. It was beautiful blue water inshore near the outer reef. Today, it was turning green. Wahoo like the clear blue water, but I have caught them in the green water before, just not often. I decided to start in the area where we have been catching them, even though the water was not pretty. I’m glad I did. We caught another Wahoo today. It was the first fish of the day and it was the best fish of the day. It was about 30 lbs give or take a little.

Fishing can be confusing. After catching the Wahoo in the “dusty” green water I worked offshore. I found an edge where the green water and the beautiful blue water met. It looked perfect!. A sharp edge, with weed on it and some large debris. This is where the fish should be. I trolled it for a couple of miles and never had a strike. I Talked to a couple of other boats that also worked the same edge and they never had a strike along it. Sometimes fishing is like that. You find the perfect conditions, exactly what you are looking for and the fish are not there.

After trolling most of the morning with only the one good fish, We decided to anchor up and catch some live bait. We fished at anchor for the remainder of the day. We ended up with a couple of nice mackerel and some snappers. They were not large compared to the Wahoo, but it was good action and a nice change of pace. Not as good a day as we had with these folks on Tuesday, but I can’t complain about another wahoo today.