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We had two trips today. Both half-day trips. In the morning we caught a Sailfish today. To be honest, it wasn’t a really, really big sailfish. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t a normal-sized sailfish. It was a little guy. It was probably only about 3 ft or so long. That would be from the tip of the bill to the tip of the tail. If you have ever caught or seen a sailfish, you would know that is unusually small. That being said, it was still a sailfish and any sailfish is a good sailfish. Certain fish are like that. They are just cool fish.

Naturally, as a fisherman, I would rather catch a full sized or even an unusually large Sailfish. But there haven’t been many of those around and even if there have been, the one that bit our bait wasn’t one. You can only catch the fish that bite. That’s just the way it is. I’ve seen marlin, Sailfish, Sharks, Wahoo, Tuna, Dolphin and many other fish from the bridge of the Southbound. The only ones I’ve ever caught are the ones that ate the bait or lure. Ok, over the years we have snagged or foul hooked a few, but that happens when the fish tries to eat the bait and misses. The point is, if the fish doesn’t bite, you can’t catch him. Heck, nobody catches every fish that does bite, so you have to be happy when you catch the ones that do, no matter the size.

The nice thing about small sailfish and most small fish, in general, is that their coloration is usually more pronounced. Their colors and markings are usually much more vibrant. Sailfish, both small and large, will “light up” when excited. They actually have a bioluminescence they emit. Their dorsal fin will glow a purple-blue color. It makes a very cool fish look even cooler. Even other fish that don’t have the ability to “light up” are  “prettier when they are small. Tiger sharks are on that come to mind. The stripes on a small Tiger are very noticeable and have greater contrast. There is no doubt what kind of shark it is when you see a juvenile Tiger shark.

Barracuda caught and released in Key West Florida fishing with the Southbound

This morning’s trip was only a half-day so we didn’t have a lot of time to fish. We also caught some nice barracudas both on and outside the Reef. It was a good half-day we only had 2 anglers and we caught some barracudas and a Sailfish. Any sailfish is a good Sailfish

The afternoon trip didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. I went back to the same area we fished in the morning. I was hoping to see some ballyhoo, (baitfish). If I did, I was going to anchor and try to catch them live. We had two youngsters on board and I really wanted to get then some great action. Unfortunately, the bait wasn’t there and the seas had picked up since the morning trip.  There was a cold front coming so I could not go in the gulf even though the wind was out of the south. When the front comes through the gulf is not the place you want to be. We caught a cero mackerel on the reef and one barracuda on the outer bar, but at least one of the kids and one of the adults were not feeling well. so we came in early. I would have liked to stay longer, but in cases like this, it’s not up to me.