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Yesterday, I had some great regular customers

of mine and as usual, we went offshore fishing for Mahi. I wasn’t sure if they would want to go again today, but thankfully they did. After a brief discussion in the morning, we went back offshore fishing for Mahi.

Fishing was similar to yesterday.

Probably a little more weed, but it was a little more scattered out and more difficult to fish. When the weed is scattered out it makes it hard to troll along without getting the baits clogged up with the weed. The fish we are after are not vegetarians. so a “salad” on the hook with the bait is not good

We got a couple of fish early

again today and picked up a couple more as we worked our way south. Yesterday, the best fishing was out near the “dropoff”. That’s a ledge out in 900 ft of water that runs along the keys. I wanted to get out there again today to see if the weed patches were caught fish on were still there. You never know. Sometimes, the weed is completely gone and sometimes it is still sitting there waiting for you to troll around and catch fish.

We got out to about 850 ft of water

and the weed actually cleared up. There had been lots of “shoestring” lines of weed all the way out, but once we got to 850 the water was clear. I got a report of some more weed patches out deeper and after a quick discussion with my customers, we decided to “go for it” and run out deeper looking for the weed patches in the hope they would be holding fish

We would our lines in and I picked up

and started running south. We had only gone about a quarter mile when my mate spotted a piece of debris floating a few hundred feet east of our path. Floating debris is “habitat” for many of the small creatures that live in the ocean. It becomes its own ecosystem. Small critters use the debris as protection from small fish. Small fish use the debris as protection from bigger fish.

I had a pretty good idea

this particular piece of debris was holding fish. As we passed, we saw a dolphin jump out of the water. After pulling back on the throttles, we put our baits back out and got two nice dolphins on almost immediately. We continued to circle the debris and continued to catch fish for the next 45 minutes or so. By the time we left it, we had 12 nice dolphin up to about 13lbs. Not quite as many as yesterday, but today we had bigger fish. Another nice day and I”m glad we went back offshore fishing for Mahi