While the World still seems in turmoil, The world of Southbound is trying to get back to normal. The roadblock is down and US1 is open to all traffic again. We had our 1st trip in a couple of weeks yesterday, (5th since late March). It felt great to get back on the water. I have been fishing for over 30 yrs. and I don’t like being on dry land this much.

I had hoped we would find some nice weed lines and a bunch of Dolphin but while the sargassum weed was there, much of was lifeless. We did find a few dolphin but we had to go pretty deep to get them. we were fishing out in 850 ft of water. That is justs inside the Dropoff. Another mile out and the water would be over 1,500 ft deep. I did not venture out past the drop.

There was plenty of weed to work where I was. I just wished there were more fish. There was just enough action that I  followed the old adage, “Never leave fish to find fish”. We were getting a fair number of bites and if everything we caught was big enough to keep, we would have had twice as many. But unfortunately, there were a lot of short fish we had to throwback. Some days are like that.

The weather

was supposed to be pretty bad. 50 % chance of rain and while I did see a rain squall to the south, we never got a drop of rain all day. It was cloudy most of the day, but as I have hardly fished in the last 2 months, It was probably a good thing. I need to ease back into being out in the sun all day. Sun or no sun, it was just great to be back on the water again

There is a tropical storm

down off Mexico just west of the Yucatan Penninsula. The forecast is for it to go almost due north and impact somewhere along the Gulf coast near Lousiana. Here in the Keys, we are not supposed to get much from it, but we may get some rain and a bit of wind. I’m sure we can handle it, but calm and sunny would be better. Then again June 1st is the start of Hurricane Season. Most years we don’t see many named storms until late July or early August. That is the worst of Hurricane season. I only hope this is not a sign that we are going to have an active Hurricane season this year. After all that has been going on, we really don’t need that