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We only had a half day today.

Because the action was so good yesterday we went back to the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, the results were not as good as yesterday. That’s the way fishing has been lately. The only thing that has been consistent about the fishing is that it is different every day.

Todays trip was a navy group.

We had 5 boats in the group with 30 people fishing. We did manage to catch the biggest fish of all the boats. A 16lb King Mackerel. At least one of our anglers won the “biggest fish” prize. Other than that, we released 5 Cravalle Jacks and caught a Spanish Mackerel.

King Mackerel caugth in the Gulf of Mexico near Key West Florida

Yesterday, we were catching the Spanish Mackerel

as fast as we could get a spoon out. We caught so many, we were throwing them back. Today, we could see them feeding, but they weren’t biting.  I guess they got wise to the dangers of a trolled spoon. We did miss a couple and lost a couple of spoons from mackerels hitting the swivels, but bites were tough to come by.

Going back to the Gulf

was a good move in the sense that it was the calmer side as compared to the Atlantic ocean. We still have winds out of the South East and it picked up as the morning went on. While all our groups were Navy personnel, They were mostly Pilots and squadron support, so probably not used to boats as small as a charter boat.

One of the 5 boats in the group,

did go in the Atlantic. They caught a lot of bonitos, but that was it. Because one of the objectives was to try to catch enough fish for a fish fry for the group, I thought going back to the Gulf was a better option than the Atlantic. Between all the boats, and with the help of our King Mackerel, I think the group had enough for a fish fry back on base