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We only had a half day trip today.

So we stayed inshore and fished along the color change. We did manage to catch a big king mackerel inshore. The fish was 36 lbs and screamed out line on the deep troll. At first, I thought it was going to be a wahoo. We hooked it in the blue water about 170 ft deep. That’s a little deep for most kingfish. The way it pulled line also make me think it was going to be a wahoo. Kingfish pull hard but don’t usually have the same speed and strength of a wahoo. If we had lost the fish, I would have bet that it has been a wahoo all day long. Just goes to show you, we can all be fooled

Not that I’m disappointed in a 36 lb Kingfish.

A big King Mackerel inshore is a good fish any day of the week. It was the last fish of the day, so it was a good way to end a beautiful half day trip on the waters of Key West

My group was a bachelor party

visiting Key West for a long weekend. Like most bachelor parties, getting up early to go fishing didn’t sound like a good idea to them. So we didn’t leave until 8 am.

Anybody that has ever fished with me can tell you,

I prefer to be one of the first boats off the dock. My normal starting is around 7 am and if my customers get there early, I’ll gladly leave early too.

The only exception is bachelor parties.

I’ve realized that when a bunch of guys are let loose in Key West for a few nights, even if they are avid fishermen, most are going to cut loose in the bars at night. Considering our bars close at 4 am and I like to leave at 7 am, that doesn’t leave much time in between. I usually suggest bachelor parties book afternoon trips. I think you may give up a little with regard to the fishing, but if you head is in a bucket, it doesn’t matter what you are catching, you ain’t having fun.