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We had a half-day trip again today.

Leaving the dock at 7 am with the same two folks we fished with on Tuesday.  I wanted to head out deeper for Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo, but there was a squall line that just sat offshore like a big wall. To get through it, we would have to get very wet and go deeper than we really had time for on a half-day. We were blocked by the weather

On Tuesday,

we headed offshore looking for Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo and we did find 2 out of 3…sort of. We Hooked what I believe was a wahoo on the deep troll out in500 ft of water. It made a classic “wahoo” run. Long and fast, but it got off when we turned it toward the boat. Not uncommon. When a Wahoo stops running and turns toward the boat. He’s either “on or gone”. It seems that if they are going to get off, that’s when the will get off. If you can get them turned toward the boat and still on the hook, your chances of catching them are good. Unfortunately, we did not get them coming toward the boat. When he stopped running and turned, the hook pulled.

We did catch the dolphin

or Mahi we were looking for on Tuesday, but not the Tuna. So I was hoping to head out there again and catch the other target species. Unfortunately, it wasn’t worth running through the squall line. So I decided to stay inshore and look for bites. It was a bit slow. The water color wasn’t blue, but I’ve caught fish in that color water before.

Barracuda caught on the charter boat Southbound in Key West Florida

Time was getting short

as it was only a half day trip. I decided to toll around the Vanderberg wreck. It’s a big wreck and can hold some good fish at times. Unfortunately, there was a dive boat on the wreck when we got there. I could not get too close for fear of hooking or hurting a diver. I did a couple of wide loops around the wreck without getting a any bites. As I was getting ready to leave, the dive boat moved on. That gave me the chance to troll much closer to the wreck. We ended up hooking a decent barracuda and a “keeper” Black Fin Tuna on the wreck. Before I could fish it for long, another dive boat showed up and I moved off for safety reasons. No fish is worth hurting someone.

We trolled down the reef

and missed a few bites. finally, we hooked a nice kingfish to finish the day and headed home. I have a full day tomorrow. I’m looking forward to having more time to look for fish. We will see what tomorrow brings