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It was a beautiful day Today,

We had Calm Seas, Sunny skies, and good fishing action on the reef. We stopped and got some live ballyhoo as we normally do this time of year. The bait has been pretty easy all year and, thankfully, today was no exception. My mate, Edward, threw the net one time and we had over 100 ballyhoos. Plenty for the day.

I had a couple from North Carolina by way of  California on board. They wanted action and some fish to take home. I figured Cero mackerel and yellowtail snapper would make them happy if we could catch them like we have been. They did not let us down. The action was good and we ended up with a good bit of fish for them to take home.

As a bonus fish

we caught a couple of big barracuda. One was exceptional. It measured approx 41/2 ft long. That is a big Barracuda. Smaller ones make one good run and then come to the boat. This one made 3 or 4 strong runs and jumped half a dozen times. it was a great fish on 20lb spinning tackle. After a quick picture, we released it to fight again another day