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After a few weeks of moderate seas


The wind dropped and the seas got calm. Too calm if you ask me. Experience tells me that, while flat calm weather is probably more enjoyable for my customers, the “catching” will slow down if it stays this calm for long.

Rough days can be tough on the people, the boat and the crew

While It might be uncomfortable to be in the cabin in 3-4 ft seas, it is usually about twice as rough up at the helm. On rough days, when I sit at the wheel, I usually put my foot up against the electronics box on the Starboard side. Some customers think I’m doing this to put my feet up and relax while I drive the boat. Actually, I’m bracing myself so I don’t get pitched off the side fo the bridge. That being said, I would rather bounce up and down all day if it means catching more fish and it usually does.

In the Last few Days,

it has not been a problem. we have had very calm seas! I tell my customers that if they feel poorly on a day this calm, they should consider Golf for the next outing. The only waves were the wakes from passing boats and that wasn’t much as I tend to fish away from as many boats as possible.

Family with some Mahi on the Dock

mahi for dinner

The first couple of days on this,

we were still catching a few Mahi, but as I expected, it did slow down. On Wednesday, we probably caught over a dozen Mahi, but only kept 5. On Friday, We only caught two small Mahi. Both were “throwbacks”, but we did manage to fish the edge of the reef and catch some nice Cero Mackerel. Enough for a couple of good dinners

Group of fishermen with a catch of Cero Mackerel on he Rack at the dock

Good Action on the Edge of the Reef

The wind is supposed to pick up over the weekend and I expect the fishing will too. Time will tell


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