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Catch of the Day

Big King Mackerel inshore

We only had a half day trip today. So we stayed inshore and fished along the color change. We did manage to catch a big king mackerel inshore. The fish was 36 lbs and screamed out line on the deep troll. At first, I thought it was going to be a wahoo. We hooked it in...

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Dolphin fishing today

Our main plan was to go dolphin fishing today, but we started out inshore looking for a couple of quick bites. A couple of my customers had never caught a barracuda. So I went to one of the wrecks near Key West. We slow trolled around for a bit to see if we could...

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Inshore and offshore fishing today

Offshore fishing has been tough. It makes it tough to decide what to do in the morning. Do we go offshore and fish for Mahi, wahoo, and tuna? or should we play it safe and stay inshore and try to catch some bottom fish for dinner? Sometimes, especially if we have a...

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I think We Cheated

I probably should not admit this. Especially on my website, but I think we cheated today. We caught a nice Black Grouper today. The size was legal. it was 28 inches. 24 is the legal minimum. That part wasn't cheating. Grouper season is open. It opened May 1st, so that...

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Trolling and live baiting for sailfishing

We had a full day again today and we decided to spend at least part of the day looking for Sailfish. We stopped to catch some live bait first thing in the morning and I'm glad we did. So we spent part of the day trolling and live baiting for sailfish There was a...

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Dolphin and Black Fin Tuna

There has been a good bite of Sailfish on the color change. But Sailfish are catch and release and the customers I've had wanted fish for the table. So I've been offshore looking for Dolphin and Black Fin Tuna. but offshore fishing has been pretty up and down this...

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Good Day Dolphin fishing

I made a comeback today. This time of year, normally we are looking for a good day dolphin fishing. Dolphin fishing was pretty slow yesterday. Conditions looked good. We had beautiful blue water, relatively calm seas and lots of sargasso weed to work. It didn't...

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2 Half Day Trips Today

We had two half day trips today. Half days can be tough this time of year. On a half day, you don't have much time to fish, so as a Captain, I have to try to make it happen pretty quickly. On our morning trip, we fished out to 350 ft of water to start. It looked ok....

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Shark Fishing in Calm Water

My customers today had a tough time offshore Sailfishing yesterday. We didn't stay long. Too bad too as conditions look great. Sometimes you have to make an "executive decision" and give up something on the fishing end so the customers are comfortable. So today, we...

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Trolling Weedlines Offshore Today

We started the day with the intention of getting some live bait and fishing for Sailfish and whatever else wanted to bite. Hopefully some Black Fin Tuna, Kingfish or dolphin. It was a good plan, except the bait was non-existent. I have a spot that is usually foolproof...

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Black Fin Tuna and Bonitos

We did not go too far offshore today, Just outside the reef. Most of the better fish being caught have been in close. Generally in 150-300 ft of water down to the Southwest of Key West. There is an area down there called the "end of Boca Grande Bar". The "Bar" is a...

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Trolling offshore today

We had a full day trip and we decided to go trolling offshore today. We were not looking for any particular species, just catching fish. The one thing that has been consistent about the fishing is that it has been changing every day. Fishing conditions, the water...

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