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The weather in Key West has been “marginal” the last few days

Some wind, but not too much and it has been a bit of rain passing through the Key West area. Despite slightly adverse conditions weatherwise, we have still been catching some nice Mahi on the Southbound.

Truthfully, a little bit of weather

is good for the fishing. While the rain doesn’t really help, a little wind is a good thing. If it gets too calm, fishing always slows down. I don’t mean we need 6 ft seas and while I can handle it,(I do sleep well at night after a day in big waves), most customers can not handle waves that big. The average customer can handle 1-3 ft seas. Usually, that size waves makes for a better day of catching. Key West has a wave bouy sitting in 330 ft of water to the Southwest. We can access the data on our phones and will tell us the current wave height. It can be extremely helpful in deciding where and when we fish.

As I said the rain doesn’t really help

but this time of year, it is mostly just passing squalls. Generally, they are not big and many times we can go around them. Even if we can’t, the Southbound is big enough to handle a brief increase of the waves and it has a covered cabin big enough for everyone to get out of the rain until It passes. After 10-15 minutes, the customers are back out on the back deck enjoying the fresh air and sunshine again.

Lately, we have been catching some Mahi on the Southbound out-deep

It is not uncommon to be fishing in 700-800 ft of water. You can’t see the Keys from that far out, but if that is where the fish are, that is where the Southbound is going!

Group of guys with some nice Mahi on the Rack on the dock

Good action again today

Most of the Mahi we have been catching on the Southbound

Have been “keepers”, in other words over the legal minimum size, (20 inches to the fork of the tail). We are not seeing as many big fish as I would like, but then again, we never have. This year is better than the last few regarding some bigger Mahi. We got a nice 25lb cow on Friday with a wonderful family from Huston. They were a lot of fun and a pleasure to have onboard.

customer with big mahi on the dock

25lb Mahi caught on the Southbound in Key West, Florida

Hopefully, the good fishing continues into July

There is no reason to think it won’t. We still have some days available so give me a call at 305 747-3668

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