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Normally, this time of year,

we are offshore fishing for Dolphin and whatever else wants to bite. Really the only other thing to fish for is Snappers and Sharks inshore. I’m willing to do either, it’s my customers choice. Most of the people I have had this summer have wanted to go offshore for dolphin. That was the case today. We were offshore looking for Dolphin again today.

The wind had picked up the last day or two,

which was a concern. the folks I had today did not want to be subjected to rough seas. Fortunately, when I got up this morning, there was hardly a puff of breeze.

I started out in about 500 ft of water

on some Sargasso weed patches. It looked good, but we never got a bite. I don’t know about other places, but in Key West, most of the working charter boats work together. We tell each other on the VHF Radio what is going on and generally where it’s happening.

Somedays I”m the guy helping other boats.

I leave before most of them so I get to the fishing grounds first. Today, I was the one getting the “good word” from another boat. He was catching fish pretty steady 5 miles further out south. After not getting a bite for the first 30 minutes, I had to make a decision fairly quickly. Today’s trip was only 6 hrs. I had to go soon or there would not be enough time to get there. So, we reeled our lines in and ran headed south.

I’m glad we did.

There was a beautiful weed line and “rip”. A “rip” is a current edge and can be a very good place to find fish. Once we started working along the weed and rip, we started catching fish fairly quickly and ended up having some nice fish up to about13 lbs. It was a long run home, but in the end, we came back with a good catch. Sometimes I have to make those “Executive” decisions. They don’t always work out. Fortunately, today it did and we caught Dolphin again today.