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There has been a good bite of Sailfish on the color change.

But Sailfish are catch and release and the customers I’ve had wanted fish for the table. So I’ve been offshore looking for Dolphin and Black Fin Tuna. but offshore fishing has been pretty up and down this week. Yesterday, we went offshore late and found some beautiful weedlines and caught some nice dolphin. Naturally, I figured it was worth trying again.

The water was still beautiful blue.

There is still a strong east current. There was some Sargasso weed, but it was not formed up into tight lines and was not easy to work. Most importantly, there were not many dolphins. We caught a couple “gaffers” and missed a couple of small ones, but after about 4 hrs of looking around with no results, we went back inshore looking for other species.

We picked up a couple of small Black Fin Tuna

and released some Barracudas. Trolling the outer reef we did catch one nice Black Grouper, but it was about 1/2 of an inch short so we had to throw it back. We have been catching some nice sized grouper all through April when the season was closed. Now that it is open, we can’t find a “keeper”. Sometimes fishing is just not fair.

Dolphin and Black Fin Tuna are both delicious and fun to catch

and my customers have been fishing with me for years so they were happy. I would have liked a few more of both, but mother nature does not always give us what we want.

Tomorrow is another day and I think we are going for Sailfish.

Live bait has been the most effective if you can find it. We will see. Fortunately, the weather has been beautiful. Not flat calm. I know many people prefer flat calm seas. I’ve always preferred a little bit of wave action. It seems to make the fishing better. There have been some Dolphin and Black Fin Tuna mixed in with the Sailfish so we’ll see if that works for both