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I’ve been fishing for over 30 yrs.

I’ve been out on rough days where the waves were 10-12 ft,(that’s not a lot of fun, by the way), and I’ve seen slick calm days. Today was one of those slick calm days. Not a wave to be seen anywhere. It’s every customer’s dream to be dolphin fishing in calm seas. It makes life easy.  This time of year it is not uncommon to have to go pretty far offshore and some times that mean bigger waves

Calm seas 20 miles offshore of Key West Florida

Slick calm sea conditions 20 miles south of Key West.

No today.

We were 20+ miles offshore of Key West and it was as calm as it could be. The bad thing about light wind is that when you troll with the wind, it is stifling hot. The boat and the wind are moving at the same speed, so it feels like no wind at all. The good thing about no wind at all is that no matter which direction you troll, you are making 5-7 knots of wind. It is actually cooler. The biggest wave we saw today was the wake from another boat and that was less than  1 ft.

Jack caught and released fishing with Southbound Sportfishing in Key West Florida

Fortunately, the fishing was good today too.

Usually, I prefer some wave action. It usually makes the fishing better. Today we found some sargasso weed and it was holding some fish. We kept about 8 dolphin for dinner and released about a dozen small ones. We also released about 10 Jacks and one small barracuda. The range of a barracuda is pretty amazing. I’ve caught them in the flats in 2 ft of water and today we caught one 20 miles south of Key West in 2,000 ft of water. It is not the first one I’ve caught out deep. As the old saying goes, “they have tails, they can swim wherever they want”. I guess this one wanted to see the deep blue.

Small Barracuda caught in 2,000 ft of water south of Key West Florida

While a barracuda may be a top predator in shallow,

they are not as much of a “bad-ass” out in 2,000 ft of water. There are many other creatures that could consider a barracuda as “snack food” out there. Marlin, Sharks, Wahoos and even porpoise could make a meal of a barracuda. Barracuda are pretty quick, but they are a sprinter. Good for a very fast short burst and out deep there is no place to hide when you run out of gas.

Dolphin caugth in Key West fishing on charter boat Southbound

The weather is supposed to be nice

all week for the 4th of July holiday. Hopefully, we will be offshore  dolphin fishing  in calm seas again as the week goes on