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We had a 6 hr trip today.

Originally, when these folks booked the trip, we had discussed going to the reef and catching Yellowtail Snapper and other reef fish. Our plan was to get some live ballyhoo while we were doing it and hopefully catch sailfish, mackerel, Barracuda and jacks too. I’m glad we decided to go for Dolphin offshore. The Boats that did go to the reef did not do well and nobody saw many ballyhoos. I think we would have had a tough day on the reef.

The weather was calm

and the expected cold front stalled north of Key West. That meant the wind was light and the conditions were similar to yesterday. We headed offshore looking for the same “rip” that was there yesterday. Just like yesterday, the rip was not formed up early and we didn’t get any bites. Again, I headed out deeper looking for Dolphin offshore out deeper. I was hoping we would find some more sargasso weed or maybe some floating debris.

There really wasn’t much out there to work.

I worked out to 700ft of water without getting a bite and because time was limited, I decided to turn back toward Key West. Again, I’m glad I did. We hooked 3 nice dolphin “out of the blue”. The biggest one was around 13lbs. It was a good start, but we needed more.

We came back to the north

toward the “rip” and by now it had formed up nicely and we got a few bites as soon as we got to it. We hooked some more fish along the rip. I think we ended up with 5 “keepers” and lost a could more. We threw back a couple of small ones also.

I have really been enjoying the nice weather.

it has been pretty calm most days. I think I missed a “butt-kicker” of a day on Saturday because I was out of town, but I haven’t been out on a rough day in a while.

As much as I have been enjoying the conditions,

we still need a cold front. Yes, it will stir up the water and probably push the blue water offshore. It might make fishing tough for a couple of days, but we need a cold front. It will help push the ballyhoo back out the reef and cool the water down. Those are the conditions we normally have this time of year and we need it for the fishing. There is a cold front expected on Friday. That one is supposed to push through. We will see what happens