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Fishing has been very good the last week or so.

We have had a run of late-season Dolphin, some great Wahoo fishing and a few Sailfish. But it is fishing and every day is different. We started looking for the Wahoos that have been stacked up south of Key West. Yesterday, we worked the area for the first 2 hours. We had 3 nice wahoos in the boat by 9 am before the bite shut down. We then moved on and started catching Dolphin. Today, We never got a bite form any fish that I thought was a Wahoo. Actually, we only got one bite and it was a small King mackerel. Yesterday, I was marking a lot of fish on the depth sounder, today, I didn’t see much on the screen.

It was a different day and fishing was different.

fishing was different. The fish that were there yesterday, were either not there or not biting. I wish I could tell you why. The best answer I can give is because it was Tuesday. There is really no way to know. It could be the fact the west current picked up again. It could be because the watercolor was a little less blue. There are too many factors involved to know for sure. All I can be sure of is I trolled the area for well over an hour and we only got one bite from a kingfish. Whatever the reason, it was time to move on.

Stayed inshore and worked west.

I was hoping the Wahoo had just moved with the current. I trolled on and off the outer bar, but the bites were not coming easy. We did catch a few Barracudas and missed a few other fish. To be honest it was a bit of a struggle. It probably seemed worse than it was because the fishing has been so good for the last week.

this was only a 6 hr trip and time was getting short.

I was just getting ready to go up on the reef to start working myself back toward Key West when, thankfully,  we hooked a good fish. It was a Sailfish! It ran out close to 300 yds of line before jumping and I was busy backing the boat toward the fish. Once we got the fish close to the boat, we were near some lobster traps and I was busily maneuvering the boat away from them. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the Sailfish. It is more important for my angler to catch the fish, than for me to get pictures for the website.  Anytime you catch a sailfish, you are having a good day. We did not “crush” the fish like we have been the last week, but a Sailfish make for a good day. They are special and I still get excited over them.

Big barracuda caught and released off Key West Florida

We ended up

with one King mackerel, one Sailfish, and a half dozen barracudas. Not as good as it’s been, but every day is different. Everyone caught a couple of fish and walked away happy.