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Schools around the country are out for the Summer

and it is a perfect time for Father/Son fishing trips. I have had at least 3 Father/Son groups in the last few weeks,(I titled this post “Father-Son Fishing” because we have had 3 Father Son groups over the previous few weeks). It is, a great way for a parent to bond with A child, It’s not important if it’s a mother/Son group or a Father Daughter.  All are great to see. It doesn’t matter how many video games you buy your child, nothing is as good as spending quality time with them.

I don’t have any children of my own

But I see family dynamics on a weekly basis as my business is very family-friendly. I always admired families that take the time to spend an adventure on the water with their children. Usually, it shows in the way the children behave. They usually seem much more well-behaved and often more outgoing. Regardless it is always good to see families doing things together.

Small boy with Dolphin on the gaff

Fishing is fishing

and has been up and down over the last few weeks. It always makes me nervous when the “catching’ varies a lot from day to day. Fortunately, we managed to find good fish on all the “Father/Son fishing” trips we have had lately.


June is the time of year we fish mostly for Mahi

When we are fishing for Mahi, it is always possible to catch a Wahoo, Tuna, Barracuda, or a Billfish.  The Mahi fishing has been decent lately. The Wahoo and Billfish have been a bit scarce lately, but We have been seeing some big Barracudas offshore and we picked up a couple of nice sized Black Fin Tuna lately.

young man holding a Barracuda on the Southbound

Business end of a Barracuda

Hopefully, we will continue to see good fishing

for the rest of the Summer. I guess only time will tell, but so far, this year is better than the last few years. So if  you would like to get out fishing on a Father/Son fishing trip with your children this summer while school is out, give me a call!!


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