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Key West, Florida

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Feb. 2002


No Trip Today


Very Bad Weather Today


Half Day Today

Key West Barracuda

Key West Barracuda

Key West Barracuda

Key West Barracuda

Beautiful Weather and
Good Barracuda Action on the Reef!


Good Day Today

28 lb. kingfish in Key West Florida

28 lb. Kingfish

The end of a good day in Key West Florida

Got our limit on Kingfish on 20 lb. spinnng tackle


winter dolphin in Key West

Inshore was very quiet today, so we went offshore
We caught a couple of small dolphin and had a Blue Marlin on but lost it.


Horrible weather today

The wind blew a steady 25-30with some gusts up to 45mph

red grouper in Key West, Florida

We did find a calm place to shark fish,
but we lost the only shark we had on and caught a few snapper and grouper


Good Day Today

Lots of Action on livebait

Key West Barracuda


42 lb. King Mackerel caught off Key West, florida

42 lb. King Mackerel on 20 lb spinning tackle

The end of a great day in Key West

and Yellow Tail Snapper and Cero Mackerel


Good Day Today !

Lots of Action!!

15 lb Cero Mackerel

Including this 15 lb’er which is huge for a CeroMackerel

Key West Barracuda


very large Key West Barracuda

Trophy size Barracuda

15 lb Mutton Snapper in Key West, Florida

and a 15lb Mutton

End of the Day in Key West, Florida

The end of a beatuiful day !!


Fished a half day today

Fishing was very slow.
Strong Wind, muddy water and just generally bad conditions

But some people will do anythingto get on the website

fishkiss.JPG (65850 bytes)

Even Kiss a fish !!!


Good Action Today!

Key West Barracuda

Big Barracuda

barjack Key West Florida

Bar Jack

The end of a Great Day in Key West

Kingfish, and a nice Black Grouper!


Sailfishing Today, Butnever saw one

Key West Barracuda

Key West Barracuda

Finished the Day with Some Barracuda Action on the Reef


2 Half Day Trips Today

Kingfish in Key West

Kingfish in the Morning!

Key West Barracuda

Key West Barracuda

Barracudas in the Afternoon!


Blackfin Tuna Key West Florida

Blackfin Tuna off Key West

Blackfin Tuna And Bonitos Today!!



Key West Kingfish

Kingfish in the Gulf Today !


Live Baiting For Sailfishagain Today

Key West Sailfish

With Success!!!

Mutton Snapper off Key West Floirda

Also Caught some kingfish and a nice Mutton Snapper!


Livebaiting  forSailfish Today!

Key West Barracuda

Released a big Barracuda!!

Key West Sailfish released

And released 2 Sailfish !!


Livebaiting for SailfishToday

Blackfin Tuna off Key West

Caught a couple of Blackfin Tunas

Kingfish and Blackfin Tunas

and some Kingfish.
We had 2 Sailfish on but lost them both


Livebaiting on the ReefToday

 Black grouper

Black Grouper

Key West Barracuda

Key West Barracuda

and some big Barracudas

Mackerels and a grouper

The end of a Beautiful Day!!


Great Weather Today,
But fishing was a bit slow

Key West Barracuda

Key West Barracuda

Barracudas on 20 lb. spinning tackle


Full Day Today





Key West Barracuda


Wahoo in Key West

and a 28 lb. Wahoo!!

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