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February 200

Feb 28th, 2005

Half Day Today

Black Fin Tuna and Cero Mackerel

Feb 27th, 2005

NOTE TO WORK:  We’re fishing in Key West………

Sharks on Spinning Tackle !!


Mutton Snapper!

Large Nurse Shark Released!

Feb 26th, 2005

Excellent day Today!

Lots of Kingfish !

Bonito Released !

Black fin Tuna!

The end of a great day catching Kingfish, Tuna, Bonito and Dolphin

Feb 25th, 2005

Great Action Today!

Kingfish, Dolphin and Black fin Tuna

Feb 24th, 2005

Good Fishing Today !!

Dolphin And A Sailfish in the morning!

Jacks, Mackerels and Dolphin in the afternoon!

Feb 22nd, 2005

Interesting Catch Today

5 Dolphin, 1 Black fin Tuna and 1 Yellow Bucket!

Feb 21st, 2005

Excellent Day Today !!

 Sailfish on 20lb. Test Tackle

Early season Dolphin, a 23lb. Wahoo and released a Sailfish !!

Feb 20th, 2005

Good Day Today !!

Released A Sailfish

Caught and Released some Barracuda on light Tackle !

Caught Some Dolphin!

Feb 19th, 2005

Full Day Today &
the Kingfish were biting !!

31 lb. Kingfish on 20lb. spinning tackle

The end of an Excellent Day in Key West, Florida

Feb 18th, 2005

Half Day Today

Beautiful Weather and good Reef Action !

Feb 17th, 2005

Another Beautiful Day!

More Non-stop Action on Light Tackle

Feb 16th, 2005

Half Day Today!

Warm Sunny Skies and Calm Seas

Celebrating Great Weather and Great Fishing !!

Non-stop action with Cero Mackerels on light tackle

Feb 15th, 2005

Feb 14th, 2005

Feb 13th, 2005

2 Half Day Today

Great Barracuda Action in the morning

And again in the afternoon!!

Feb 12th, 2005

Good Action Today !

25lb. Barracuda !

15lb. Black Grouper !

Mackerels, Groupers and Barracudas……Great Action !

Feb 10th, 2005

Great Action in the Afternoon!!

Great Weather and Barracuda Action
in the Morning!

Feb 9th, 2005

Feb 8th, 2005

Great Action Today!

Lots of nice Barracudas on light tackle and released a shark !

Got in a little late, but that’s OK
because we got to enjoy a great Key West Sunset on the way home!!

Feb 7th, 2005

Good Action on Light Tackle again today !!

Feb 6th, 2005

Half Day Today

No Sailfish, but Good Reef Action !!

Feb 1st, 2005

Great Reef Action Again Today!!

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