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Weather has been beautiful all week. Beautiful blue water, calm seas and warm temperatures, (a littel too warm for this early), but fishing has been a bit tough. There are still a few Mahi offshore, but most days one of two boats get a few and the rest of the boats have to come back in shore to try to catch something before the end of the trip. Most of my customers have opted to stay inshore and just fish for bites and one of the most popular fish to fish for when you just want action is the Barracuda. They can get big, I’ve caught them close to 40lbs, but lately we’ve been getting a good number in the 18-20lb range, which is a pretty good fish especially when your are using spinning tackle. Barracudas like to jump, again more so when on spinning tackle. Sometimes people look down on ‘Cuda fishing, I don’t. If my customers are happy catching them, that’s all that matters to me. I can spend all day waiting on a sailfish, but my job is to fish for what makes my customers happy. IF it’s snapper, Barracuda or offshore looking for Dolphin, Wahoo and Sailfish so be it. It’s all good. When people ask me what they should fish for, as they do most mornings, I give them the options and I tell them 2 things-

It’s more fun to catch a small “something”, than a big “nothing” and you don’t go all the way to Africa to hunt for Squirrels. Then I let them pick. Neither is right or wrong. Judging by the smiling faces I’ve seen lately, we’ve been doing the right thing.