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The only thing that has been consistant with the fishing lately is that it is changing every day! One day we have warm SE wind and we catch some Dolphin, (mahi-mahi). The next day the wind is out of the north and cold. Seems like we don’t get more than a day or two of the same weather in a row. The current has been crazy too. One day it roaring to the east, the next day it’s going west. Water is beautiful blue, next day it’s green and murky. It makes it tough to pick a game plan in the morning and you have to be ready to switch at things around if you get offshore or to the reef and conditions will not work for the plan you have. My mate loves it when I tell him to rig for offshore, only to get out there and the water isn’t blue. Change of plans, re-rig for the reef! it is fruatrating to say the least. At least yesterday, our game plan worked as expected. We had a late afternoon trip with the intent of catching Black fin Tuna. They tend to bite late in the afternoon so we didn’t leave the dock until 1:30 for a 6 hr trip. We fished until the sun hit the water and headed home with a good catch of Black Fin Tuna and some big Bonitos that were fun to catch. Off today for a needed rest, but tomorrow we have another late 6 hr trip. Probably not going for the tuna, tomorrow’s customer caught a bunch last trip with me so we will probably be on the reed looking for Yellow Tail Snapper. Conditions yesterday were good for the Yellow Tail. Murky water and west current. I can only hope it will be the same tomorrow……but I’m not counting on itLate afternoon tuna fishing in Key West