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Tried a lot of things to day. We caught live ballyhoo today. There are finally some around, who knows if they will stay long. But once we got them , I  had to find something to eat them!. The Barracudas were veracious on the outer bar off Western Dry Rocks. No problem there. We tried for som Mackerel for dinner. Cero Mackerel is one of the best kept “secerets” down here. People here “Mackerel” and they think of Spanish or Kingfish, which are both considered good table fare, but the Cero is the best of the bunch by far. Firm white  and tasty. Unfortunately, without much ballyhoo on the reef this year, the Cero Mackerel have been a bit scarce this year. So we went to the outer edge of the reef and tried for King Mackerel. Not much luck, We got a  small King and a medium sized Cero.

Barracuda caught in Key West on charter fishing trip with Southbound Sportfishing

So finally we went to a wreck. The wreck we went to was The Gulfstream III. It was one of the 3 party fishing boats on the Dock when I started fishing over 30 yrs ago. The Gulfstream was taken out of Charter service by the current owner and leased out to commercial fish. Unfortunately, it caught fire and burned to the water line a short time later. The Southbound was the second boat on the scene, the crew of 2 had already been picked up by Capt. Jim Williams on the Miss Kasey by the time we got there. There were no injuries, but it was sad to watch a Key West boat with a lot of history burn and sink.

Anyway, I was hoping for some Amberjack, mutton Snapper or even a shark to entertain my customers. On the Wreck, we only got one bite, but it was a nice sized Black Fin Tuna. Finally put a good fish in the boat!

Cero mackerel, Kingfish and Black Fin Tuna will make for a good dinner tonight in Key West

The weather was spectacular, the action was good at times, but we didn’t bring a lot back to the dock. My customers were “fishermen” so the were smart enough to enjoy the action and the weater. They are fishing again tomorrow, we will probably pick a different plan