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We had a 6 hr trip today. We only had 3 people. A very nice couple and, I believe, one of their moms. The couple had fished before, but Mom had never caught a fish in her life. I wanted to go for some quick bites so I started inshore and just outside the reef. We got two bites almost immediately. One was a big bonito. The other fish, the one that “mom” caught, was a nice King Mackerel. it was her first fish ever! for a first fish ever it was a nice one. We don’t get a lot of King mackerel this time of year, but this one gave a good fight and now Mom can say she IS a fisherman, (fisherperson?) because she has caught one. My congratulations to her

Very big bonito caught in Key West on charter boat Southbound

Bonitos are a member of the tuna family, but unfortunately, are not good to eat. They fight extremely hard for their size and the make great shark and cut bait. We always keep a few for bottom fishing trips and shark fishing.

Bull Dolphin caught in Key West fishing with Southbound Sportfishing

I think we ended up with 4-5 dolphin, 3-4 big bonitos and a nice King mackerel. We caught some of the dolphin on 20lb spinning tackle to keep it challenging. The biggest bonito we caught was close to 17lbs. That is a very big Bonito. We caught it on 30lb trolling tackle and I’m glad and so was the angler

First fish I ever caught

Now, I grew up fishing, I caught my first fish when I was 2, and it wasn’t a big one. But it’s a little mindboggling to me how anyone can make it to adulthood without ever fishing. But I do freely admit, my opinion is biased. I just glad we could make her first fishing experience a great one. The weather was perfect and to be honest, they were a great group. I hope we get to take them out again someday