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Generally speaking, fishing for Dolphin in winter

is the wrong time of year to expect success. The key phrase there is “generally speaking”. That’s because after over 30 years of fishing in Key West, Florida, I have learned to never say “never”! Just about the time you think you have it all figured out, you will find out you are wrong. Or to put it another way, never trust a fish! They will always do that thing that they “never” do just about the time you say they won’t. January is one of, if not the coldest month of the year. The wind is usually blowing out of the north and the water cools down, even offshore. All of these things are not good for dolphin fishing. It has not been red hot, but there have been a few around.


We were actually looking for sailfish and Wahoo today

Those are the fish that are supposed to be around this time of year. The Sailfish have been here, and the Wahoo have been a bit scarce. My customers are repeat customers and we had two days of fishing with them, so we decided to “go big” on the first day. The weather was beautiful and the seas were calm so it was a good day to go offshore and try.

We never had a bite that I thought was a wahoo

and we never saw a Sailfish, but we did catch two nice Dolphin,(Mahi). Not a “crush” but definitely enough for a couple of delicious dinners for the family. Sometimes that’s the way it goes with you go “looking for the Gusto” and my customers understood. We also caught some Barracuda and Bonito.  Besides, we had another day of fishing and we planned to just go for action on Day #2


Young boy holding a barracuda on the boat

Business end of a Barracuda



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