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Fished a full day today,

The offshore trolling has been tough, so we went back to fishing for Yellowtails on the Reef again today. My customers had a fantastic fish dinner after the first day and wanted more.

The conditions were a little better today too

Yesterday the water was very clear. You could see the Yellowtails down near the bottom in 40 ft of water. Today the water was a bit more cloudy. That’s good when your fishing for a nervous fish that is considered delicious by people and most of the creatures in the ocean. We had a more current today also. That is also good for fishing Yellowtails on the reef. The more current, the further out the chum goes and the more fish come to your slick. Too much current can be a bad thing, but yesterday was just about perfect.

We had a few taken by Sharks,

but we were able to wind most of the fish in fast enough to “save” them from death by shark. We put them on ice in the fish box where the would be safe 😉


After we got our limit

fishing for Yellowtails on the reef. The limit is 10 per person. After that,  we went trolling offshore. It’s been tough and we didn’t do much. There’s lots of weed but it’s scattered and difficult to fish. Tomorrow the wind is supposed to be from the South East. I’m thinking we’ll go to the Gulf of Mexico and fish for King mackerel and Spanish Mackerel. Both edible fish and fun to catch. We’ve had a lot of North wind in March which kept us out of the Gulf most of the month. A few days of South East wind should be fun fishing and might help the fishing in the Atlantic side also. I guess we’ll find out in the next few days.