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One of the big advantages we have fishing here in Key West is that we can fish the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. When we get strong winds out of the North this time of year, we can go South. We can tuck up tight to the reef or the Islands and have a relatively comfortable day and still catch fish. If we have strong winds out of the South,  we can go North to the Gulf of Mexico. It gives us options on days when other places just have to stay tied up to the dock. That is what we had today,

The wind was blowing close to 20 mph out of the South today. I have and can fish in those conditions but it does make it a bit “sporty”. Today’s group has 2 days booked. Today and tomorrow and the wind is supposed to dropoff tomorrow. So we decided to go for the calmer seas in the Gulf of Mexico today. We can go South to the Atlantic tomorrow.

Our plan was to look for King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel trolling and maybe anchor up for some snapper later in the day. There were not a lot of boats in the Gulf of Mexico. Many of the boats that were out opted to go in the ocean. Many of them regretted it. Seas on the South Side were 4-5 ft. The waves in the Gulf of Mexico were 1-2 ft. Much more comfortable.

We trolled for a while with only a few bites. The other boats out there trolling were doing about the same. Usually, when the Charter boats are trolling in the Gulf of Mexico, we all spread out. That way if we find a school of King Mackerel or Spanish Mackerel, we can call the other boat over. I’m not sure if this level of cooperation is the norm in other areas. Here, most of the boats work together. It’s better for us and it’s better for the customers.

Mackerel caught fishing in the Gulf of Mexico on the Charter Boat Southbound

We were about halfway through the day fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and only had 2 Spanish Mackerel. I spoke to another boat that had gone to a bottom fishing spot looking for snapper and that wasn’t working. There was a shoal I know about that can hold fish. I have had many good days there. It was about 5 miles away and I didn’t’ want to spend an hour trolling there.

We need to get some bites. So we reeled in our lines and ran to the shoal. We started getting bites immediately. We got one nice King mackerel and missed a couple of others, but the Spanish Mackerel were steady biting. I stayed in that area until it was time to head in. It is always better to finish the day strong. I’m glad I picked up and ran to that shoal. Kind of wish I had gone there first.