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We had a full day trip today

and I was glad we did because the boats that caught fish yesterday had to go about 10 miles past the “Wall”. I had a nice couple and their two young sons. I was concerned the boys might get bored offshore. Sometimes that kind of fishing is boredom interrupted by bedlam. Fortunately, it was very calm and the whole family had their heart set on Dolphin so we headed out deep

The boats that were catching yesterday

were fishing in almost 3,000 ft of water. It was the only place anybody caught decent fish. I figured with a full day we would have time to get there. It was too far to run all the way to that depth and that is never a good idea as you might run by other fish.  So usually it’s better to get close and start trolling.

As it turned out,

we didn’t need to go that deep. I ran out to about 800 ft of water and we put our baits out. There was a little bit of Sargassum weed and some debris mixed in with it. We found a plastic bucket floating almost immediately and got our first fish.

We worked that bucket a while

and got one more “keeper” and threw another back and released a bunch of Almaco Jacks. I decided to work the area a while before heading south. Never leave fish to find fish!

We only went about a half-mile

and we spotted a large piece of a log floating upright in the water. 4 lines went down as we trolled past it and we had 4 nice dolphins on. Unfortunately, we only got 3 to the boat. The dolphin were not huge, but they were a bit too big for the boys so Mom and Dad had to fight the all. By the time we got 3 in the boat, the 4th one had gotten off. Sometimes it happens that way when you have more fish on than you have anglers.

We worked the log for a while

and caught a few more fish. One or two were “keepers” and a couple were not. We jumped off a couple more and caught and released a nice sized silky shark. It was slick calm and sunny so after we were sure we were not leaving any good fish behind, my customers said hey had enough. Mom and the boys were ready to go in.

We ended up with 6 nice dolphins,

the biggest one was about 14 lbs and a bunch of jacks released and one nice silky shark release and got in a little early. It was fun to watch the boys on the boat. They guys were not city kids. Every time we brought a fish in the boat they were all over it. I’m betting these kids have held a frog or two back home, Probably a couple of shakes too. They were not shy with the fish. It was nice to see.