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I’ve been fishing these waters for over 30 yrs

and I’m more than willing to spend all day looking for one specific fish. I can wait all day for a Sailfish if that is what it takes. That being said, I’m not the one paying for the fishing trip. My customers are and not everyone is willing to wait on that one “fish of a lifetime” like I am. Today’s group had some younger children and their main concern was for them to have fun. Fun fishing, what a concept. It all should be fun, but that is defined differently for different people.

The original intention was to fish the reef

to give the kids more action, but the wind was out of the Southease and that meant it would have been a bit bumpy. So we decided to troll. It would be more comfortable and we hoped it would provide the action that they were looking for.

We started on the reef and caught some Barracudas.

The water on the reef is still warm and the baitfish, (Ballyhoo), are still inshore so the reef action is not as busy as we like it to be. But there were still some barracuda around.

We also caught some nice Cero Mackerel.

Cero Mackerel are one of our favorite winter fish. They are fun to catch and they are good to eat. While they don’t get as big as Barracudas, Barracudas are not recommended for eating because they can have Sigatuera poison. It’s a cumulative toxin the Barracuda get from eating reef fish that eat the coral. It doesn’t bother the fish or the Barracuda, but it can trigger a toxic reaction in humans that is no fun and can be fatal in rare cases.

Not the case with Cero Mackerel.

They can get pretty good size. I have caught them up to 15 lbs, but anything around 8-10 lbs is large and a fish that size will feed a bunch of people.

We did spend some time offshore looking for larger fish

and we did get one Dolphin, (Mahi). We were hoping for a sailfish but never saw one. Everyone caught some fish and the kids had fun and there was enough fish for a couple of great fish dinners. In the end, that was what the day was really about, having fun fishing