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I’ve been lucky to have been in business for almost 30yrs now.

One of the best parts of my job is that I have a lot of repeat customers. It’s great having many of the same people come back year after year. You get to know the customer and they get to know you. It’s still a job, but you end up going fishing with people that have become your friends.

The fishing was done, and the socializing had begun at the Green Parrot

Unfortunately, one thing that goes along with being in business so long

and having a good repeat customer base is that sooner or later some of these friends will pass. I got word today of the passing of Steve Anderson. Steve has fished with me for the last 8 years. If I remember correctly, his first trip was a split charter. Steve and his cohort Mike were from Boston, (you would know that as soon as Steve started talking). I put them together on a spit charter with Phillip and Stacy a couple from Arkansas. They got along so well, that they became good friends and started planning their fishing trips together. Now they come down around the 4th of July every year to fish together. Phillip was actually the one that gave me a heads up that Steve was ill. It’s amazing how close you can be to some people who are so far away.

fishing with friends Mike, Phillip and Stacy

Mike, Steve, Stacy and Phillip 2018

Steve and his Boston mob

were always a pleasure to have on the boat. They understood fishing and they knew I would always do my best to find them fish. We had some great days and to be honest, we had a couple of “stinkers” too. That’s fishing and they understood it. Fortunately, more good days than bad. The “catching” or lack thereof never stopped them from having a good time on the boat or afterward. They had the best kind of “positive attitude”. They were positive they were going to enjoy being on the water, enjoy being together, and enjoy Key West. And when we caught fish, and we usually did well, they enjoyed that too.

fishing with friends Mike, Phillip and Stacy

Good fishing, OK catching. Still a great day

Good catch 2019

Fishing with Steve and friends 2014


Nobody ever knows

how many “ticks of the clock” they will get on this earth. One thing is for certain, nobody is going to get out alive, so you better enjoy it while you can. I’m glad Steve was able to spend time on the Southbound with me. I valued him as a customer and a friend. My condolences to his sons Steven and Derek. Your dad will be missed

Steve and Friends after fishing

Rest in Peace,

my friend,

Rest in peace