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As I mentioned in my last post,

We were going for action today as it was the second day with this group. We got a few dolphins,(Mahi) yesterday with these folks, (that made Mom very happy) and so on Day #2, I planned to get live ballyhoo and fish the Reef.

I expected mostly Cero Mackerel,

and maybe some snappers, but there have been some Sailfish on the Reef edge lately. We caught and released one on Sunday. If one showed up it would be great, but if not, I was sure we would get plenty of action. Catching the Bait hasn’t been that easy this year, but we managed to catch enough Ballyhoo to fish the day with.

The action was pretty steady, with Lots of bites as I slowly trolled the live ballyhoo along the reef. It is not uncommon to miss a bunch, but eventually, you will put a catch in the box.

The young men I had on board had fished with me before

and they really enjoy rigging their own baits and putting them out. I call “audience participation” fishing. It’s fun to see them get better as the day goes on and it’s more fun for them to be involved. When you think about it, that’s what this business is all about – having fun!

My hopes of seeing a Sailfish

came true as we hooked a big, full-sized Sailfish on one of the live baits. It made a couple of awesome jumps, but unfortunately, it got off before we had a chance to grab the leader. It happens sometimes. That is why they are so special. The boys will be back and we will try again next time


Sailfish jumping


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