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Different people have different expectations and goals when they go fishing. Some people are looking for that trophy “fish of a lifetime”. Some people are just looking for a fun boat ride. Most people are looking for good action and dinner. My group today was like that. Nice guys, out to have fun, get some fresh air and hopefully have enough fish for a good meal or two at the end of the day.

Most days we can do that and today was one of those days. It’s a good thing too because these guys were a bunch of “Jersey Boys”. That is not a bad thing. New Jersey is where I was born and lived until I moved to Key West at the tender age of 25. So these guys were from my home state. I try to take care of every customer on my boat. But there is extra pressure when you have the “home” crowd on the boat.

Yesterday we had a great weed line and action. I was hoping to repeat to some degree. After a quick stop inshore to check a Sargasso weed line that looked good, we ran past most of the other weed lines inshore and went out the depth we did so good at yesterday. We ran out to about 700 ft of water. There was some weed there, but it was not as thick or formed up as the day before. Unfortunately, the fishing was not as “busy” as yesterday either. The only thing constant about the fishing lately is that it changes every day.

We worked the Sargasso weed in 700 for a while, but this was only a 6 hr trip. I could not go as far west as yesterday and I could not go deeper to look for more weed and fish. I worked my way back north until I found another weed line to take back to the east. Working back to the east would bring us back toward Key West and give us more fishing time. That line had a good number of fish. Most were “Throwbacks” and jacks, but there were some “keeper” dolphin and we did get a Black Fin Tuna.

In the end, we ended up with plenty of action releasing dolphin, Jacks and a couple of Barracudas. We kept about a half dozen Dolphin and a blackfin tuna for dinner. Good action and dinner, what more can you ask for?