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Most of the anglers I had on the boat today were not “experienced” offshore fishermen. The patience sometimes required can be boring to new anglers. So when I get a group like this, I usually suggest we start out just looking for “bites” and now worrying about what type of fish it is. Wisely, my customers agreed so I went to one of the wrecks. There has been good catch and release action with big barracudas there lately. I wanted to make sure everyone got to fight a fish.

We put out some lighter spinning tackle, (20lb) to make it more fun. Yes it does take longer to land the fish, but that’s the fun part and as far as I am concerned, the longer the fight the better. Time spend with fishing rods bent is good time on a charter.

As it has been in the past few weeks, the action was good. There was a lot of Sargassum weed drifting through the area which made it a bit difficult to keep the baits clean, but we did manage to catch everyone a nice barracuda or two.

After that, it was time to move on. While action was the first priority, getting a few fish for dinner would not upset anyone. We only had a 6 hr trip so after spending some time getting everyone barracudas, we didn’t have a lot of time left, but we headed offshore looking for dolphin and tuna. We didn’t get any keeper dolphin but we did manage to get a couple of Skip Jack Tuna. Definitely didn’t fill a cooler, but some lunch at the least. I would have liked to have caught more, but dinner wasn’t the priority. Good catch and release action was the main goal.

Everyone had fun, with one exception. One of the youngsters did not handle the “seas” well. It was almost slick calm, but some people are like that. Just not made for boating. I told his dad to buy him golf clubs for Christmas……….not a fishing pole.