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Well, this is a bit weird,

I had the same people fishing with me Yesterday and today. We had good dolphin fishing both days. Our catch was very similar both days and the customer wore the same “fishing clothes” on both days. So the picture from yesterday, May 23rd is almost identical to today’s picture.

Yesterday our biggest fish

was a 30lb Bull dolphin and we had about 16 other nice dolphins. Today, the biggest fish we caught was a Bull Dolphin about 25lbs. and we had about 15 other nice dolphins.

I didn’t realize it at the time,

but on both days, the same customers stood in the same spots holding the biggest fish for a picture. They were wearing the same cloths. It looks like it’s the same day’s catch, but it is not. If you look at the fish on the rack, they are slightly different.

If I wasn’t onboard both days,

I would think it’s a picture of the same catch, but it is not. I never do that with fishing pictures. The reason I started putting fishing pictures up on the internet every day is I got tired of the BS some people were posting. I post the good days and the bad. I want the website to be truthful. Fishing on a charter is not an inexpensive day on the water. I understand this and I want to be honest with people. I would want to be treated the same way.

It is still windy and a bit “Sporty” offshore.

I think that’s why the fishing is good. The wind is supposed to keep blowing through the holiday weekend. Conditions should stay the same and hopefully, the fish keep biting. Seas were 4-6 ft today. Not horrible when the fish are biting, but more than most people can take. Fortunately, both the guys we had on the boat were fine all day. When its good dolphin fishing and you are busy catching fish, the waves always seem a bit smaller.