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We Had a Good Half Day Fishing Trip on the Reef

Today was a short trip. Only 4 hours, so I have to find “bites” quickly. It is still a little early for the reef action to be at its best. But the offshore has been too much of a gamble, especially on a half-day trip. I explained this to my customers and agreed. They would rather catch more fish than “swing for the fence” looking for one big fish. We fished along the reef and the outer bar. The weather was beautiful and the seas were calm. The action was not crazy busy, but decent for a 4 hr trip, (approx. 2.5 hrs fishing time). We released a number of barracudas and one very large, very powerful Horse Eye Jack. We let them all go. At the end of the day we did keep one nice Kingfish and one nice Cero Mackerel for dinner.


Cero Mackerel and King Mackerel caugth on charer boat Southbound in Key West, florida

A couple of nice mackerel for Dinner. One Nice Kingfish and one nice Cero Mackerel. A great end to a morning half-day trip.

Some people don’t like Kingfish, but if you know how to cook it, it’s delicious!

Chargrilled kingfish with an Asian chilli salad

Kingfish Steaks with Lemon Butter

Kingfish Curry    

Everybody likes Cero Mackerel, One of my favorites:

Mackerel Dip

Broiled Mackerel

Baked Mackerel



Large and power Horse Eye Jack caught on the charter boat Southbound. Book the Southbound for multiple trips in Key West and get free accommodations

While not a great “table fare” fish, this Large Horse Eye Jack puts up a tremendous fight. Fun fish for Catch and release on the Charter Boat Southbound in Key West Florida


Winter is coming!

If you live in the North, (and everybody lives north of here), you know the cold winds will soon be blowing.

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