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Fortunately, there has been great bonito action inshore, because the dolphin fishing offshore has been tough. There has not been a lot of fish and there has been a lot of throw-back sized fish. The Sargasso weed looks great. Big patches as big as the boat, but we are not catching a lot of fish around them. We only managed one keeper today.

Truthfully, the weather was predicting a lot of rain and there was a strong looking cloud bank coming from the north. I might have caught more dolphin if I stayed out deep, but we were not getting a lot of bites and I was afraid the weather would move over the area where the bonitos were and shut it down. I had to make a decision so inshore we went to finish with some action. The weather just fell apart and we never got the rain predicted, but we did get Fortunately, we did get some great bonito action inshore. to finish the day

Bonitos are a non-eating member of the tuna family. The get up to 20lbs and pull extremely hard. The meat is very bloody and fishy tasting, which is why they are considered a “non-eating” fish. They are not poisonous, they just don’t taste good.

BUT, when you need to find some action to keep your anglers busy, they are a great resource. The bite pretty readily, they pull very hard and, well, bonito is Spanish for pretty. Too bad they are not good table fare. I do know some people that eat them, but I don’t and I won’t give my customer any fish to take with them that I would not eat myself. So bonitos are released or we keep a few for bait.