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We had a half day fishing trip today. The weather was beautiful and the seas were calm, but half days can be tough. There have still been a few dolphin around, but not a lot and we decided to go offshore. Problem with going offshore when half day fishing is you don’t have a lot of time so you have to make things happen quickly.

We headed south looking for a good reason to stop. The water color on the reef and outside it was a “clean green”. Not bad for reef fishing, but we were looking for blue water fish so we needed to go deeper. We needed to find blue water.

we found the blue water out in about 350. It was not a sharp color change. More of a gradual edge. I heard of a “rip” a little deeper so I ran to 400 ft. A rip is a “difference” in the surface of the ocean. Usually caused by a current or eddy. You can usually see a “rip” by the texture of the water. Often times, there will be debris or sargasso  weed formed up in a line along a “rip”. When I first go on the rip it was not formed up well. I fished it for a short while without any bites and decided to go deeper. We should have stayed!

I worked my way out to about 500 ft of water. The color of the water was good, but there was no weed or debris to work and no bird activity to be seen. We did have one good fish on the deep troll, but it got off. In that depth and as fast as it pulled the drag, I’m guessing it was a Wahoo. We didn’t see it and we didn’t catch it, so it really doesn’t matter.

I worked my way back into the rip and when I got back to it, it had formed up much nicer than it had been earlier. It was much more defined and the weed on it was thicker and lined up better. We did not go far before we caught out first Dolphin, (Mahi). As I mentioned, this was a half day, so time was getting short. I worked the rip and weed as long as I could. We ended up with 5 dolphin, (Mahi) and one tuna. Not a bad half day. The Wahoo would have been icing on the cake, but it was not to be. Maybe tomorrow.