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Just a 4 hr fishing trip today.

We had the same customer as yesterday and we were still looking for a Sailfish. Because of the shorter trip, I didn’t think it was worth stopping to get live bait. It would take too long and we had hooked Sailfish trolling on recent trips. So we decided it would be best to troll on the half-day today.

I know there was a decent amount of Dolphin, (Mahi) being caught offshore.

Most of the Sailfish that have been caught lately have been in close. 200ft of water or less. Sailfish were our main target species, so we stayed close to the outer reef.

Conditions looked good.

It was a bit calmer than yesterday. The wind was more out of the South. There was still a strong west current, but not quite as strong as yesterday. We did have a lot of bird activity where we were fishing. Frigate birds are a good indicator of fish. If they come down close to the water, it usually means there is something there. Some sort of fish is feeding and the frigate bird is hoping to snatch a flying fish as it runs for it’s life. Usually, the closer to the water the frigate bird is, the better the chances of hooking up.

Sometimes you can see the fish that is feeding.

I’ve seen Sailfish, Dolphin. Tuna and even Marlinblasting the baitfish as we troll under frigate birds. Today, I never really saw what fish were under the birds, and some of the “splashes” I saw as we approached, looked like big Black Fin Tuna crashing the bait. We ended up with 4 nice dolphin and released a barracuda. Not the target species of Sailfish, but they were fun to catch and made for an enjoyable half-day today.