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We had our first trip since the beginning of May today.

I’m not used to being off the water for such long periods of time and I don’t want to get used to it. Fortunately, we had a half-day trip today. A couple of local gents that need a little time out on the water. I’m not sure if they needed some “Spousal Social distancing” or just wanted to get some exercise and some fresh air. I just glad they wanted to go fishing.

We started out trying to fish for Yellowtail snappers.

The reports I had gotten from the few boats that had gone out in the previous week were good. Cloudy water and a nice westbound current. Perfect conditions. Naturally, everything was different today. The weather was beautiful and the seas were calm, but the water was “gin” clear and there was no current. You could see the bottom in 65 ft of water. Definitely not the conditions you want for fishing for Yellowtail snappers.

We did manage to get one nice Red Grouper

. Thankfully the season was open and we could keep it. But the Yellowtails were not cooperating at all. I tried two different spots with no luck and considering we only had a half-day trip today, I figured it was time to go to “Plan B”. “Plan B” was to go trolling. The reports I had heard were not that encouraging, but I had to try something.

So we pulled anchor and started trolling.

There were a couple of wrecks in the vicinity and I have caught good fish on all of them at times. There were not a lot of bites but we did manage a couple of bonitos and a barracuda. Not the “eating” fish we were looking for, but at least it was action. We were running out of time and running out of wrecks within range when finally we got a good fish on the deep troll. It pulled a lot of drag and was shaking its head. We were hoping it was a Wahoo and not another Barracuda. And it was. Not a monster Wahoo. Probably just under 20lbs. but it was the best fish I heard of being caught so far that day and I’ll take it. Once we got back to the dock, I got the impression the customers were playing Hooky. Nobody wanted to pose with the fish for a picture. You know what they say, “If you don’t have a picture, then I wasn’t there”. I’m not sure how they explained the two bags of fish fillets, but they’re secret is safe with me