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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Today the Southbound will remain in its slip. We work a lot. At times we will work 7,8 or even 14 days in a row. We don’t have weekends. Being a charter fishing boat owner/operator really is a dream job. I have said many times I know how lucky I am. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get tired.

So when we have a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, I have no problem shutting the boat down so My mate and I an enjoy a day off with family. This year, I am in Annapolis MD. At my sisters’ house. For my family, she is somewhat “centrally” located for other family members to attend. Also, it is a little chilly in Surburban Maryland today. While I think I am totally climatized to the tropical weather of Key West, it is nice to feel a little chilly weather on the Thanksgiving holiday. Especially when I know I will be flying back south to the warmth of home tomorrow.

Like most everyone else in the country, we will be having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner later today. I will probably eat too much just like everyone else will too. Today is not the day to worry about diets or losing weight. At least not for me. I will worry about that starting tomorrow. I guess the only bad thing about having Thanksgiving away from home is you don’t get to enjoy leftovers for the next few days. As much as I like leftovers,  I might have to cook a small turkey next week just so I get some.

So from Southbound Sportfishing I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you too are going to sit down with family and friends to a great Thanksgiving feast. Take some time and enjoy it. Life is too short.