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September 6, 2017

This may be the last entry I make here. Getting ready to evacuate Key West as Hurricane Irma approaches. I’ve been here just shy of 36 yrs, almost all of my adult life. I’ve built a good business and a great life here and I’m grateful for it. I always tell customers and friends alike, that I know how lucky I am. I live in a great little house in Key West married to the sweetest, most wonderful woman I’ve ever met and I make a living taking people fishing on these beautiful tropical waters. That may all change in the next few days. IF Hurricane Irma hits Key West at anything close to its current strength, I fear it will all go away. I have the Southbound tied up well. Heavy storm lines, fenders and I even set the anchor. Charter Boat Row is probably the most protected body of water in the Keys, but at a category 5 or even a 4, it probably won’t matter. Not if mother nature decides to show her fury.

My house is in one of the higher parts of Old Town. Being a flat tropical Island, that’s not saying much. I think it’s 8 ft. above sea level. We had no flooding in Hurricane Wilma, but Irma is a much bigger and meaner bitch than Wilma. It’s all Shuttered up and protected as best as I can. I hope there is something left when I get back, but quite honestly, I’m scared it will be gone too.

I’ll be 61 yrs old in December. I’m thankful for a lot of great years in Key West. This Island has been good to me. I’ve worked hard, but I never was afraid of work and my efforts have provided me a great life.  I just don’t know if I can start it all over again.

Thank you to all my friends and customers for helping me make this wonderful life in Key West.

Capt. Rich