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Offshore fishing has been tough.

It makes it tough to decide what to do in the morning. Do we go offshore and fish for Mahi, wahoo, and tuna? or should we play it safe and stay inshore and try to catch some bottom fish for dinner? Sometimes, especially if we have a full day trip, we can do both. We decided to spend part of the day inshore and offshore fishing today

Fortunately, we had a full day today

and I have the same customers for 3 days this week, so I have time to work with them and try different things. Because it was their first day, we decided to anchor and bottom fish so they would have some yellowtail snappers for dinner. Today was a bit overcast too. That was another reason we decided to anchor. It’s getting to the time of year when sitting on the hook gets really hot. The tropical sun, especially if there is little or no breeze, can be brutal.

Anyway, we started out anchored and catching

Yellow Tail Snappers. The bite was OK, Not red hot. We started getting some “Keepers” but we were also getting some “throw-backs”. Around 10:30 we had enough for a couple of dinners and sun was starting to break out. It was getting hot!

Because we had enough Yellowtail snappers for dinner

, we decided to spend the second half of the day trolling for Dolphin and Wahoo. We had gotten a decent Wahoo yesterday, but no Dolphin. Today was the opposite. We caught Dolphin, but no Wahoo. After trolling for a bit, we found a nice “rip” or current edge in about 350 ft of water and followed it east. We had a few bites from some very small dolphin, but we didn’t hook any as they were too small to swallow the bait.

I went south

looking for more weedlines to work when we found some patches in 500 ft of water. We started getting a few bites there. The first few were not legal so we threw them back. After working in the area for a while, we managed to get some keepers and even a little “gaffer”. We had a nice little bull dolphin on, but unfortunately, it jumped off. Nobody did anything wrong, it just happens some times. I guess it wasn’t that fishes day to die.

I’m not sure what we are going to do tomorrow.

I’m tempted to just head offshore and see if we can find a nice catch of dolphin. Catching a few in the afternoon yesterday gives me encouragement. The only thing that worries me is that the fishing has been changing every day. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow