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Nice afternoon trip today. Weather was probably the prettiest day of the week. Calm and sunny. Fishing was not red hot, but we managed to get more than enough for dinner. The first fish of the day was this nice sized Cero Mackerel. The Cero is a “Tropical” member of the Mackerel family. I don’t think the even get them in Miami, judging by how unfamiliar even South Florida customers are with them. They are the best eating of the Mackerel also. Firm, white meat. This is a fairly big one as they only get up to about 12-13 lbs. World Record is around 15 or 16lbs.

18 Group

King Mackerel, Cero Mackerel and Bonitos

18 floating crap

This was the “not so fun” part of my day! This was floating just under the surface and I ran it over on the way home on the edge of the reef. It got wrapped up in the props big time. It is part of a net with stainless wire intertwined in the ropes. That means you can’t cut it out with a knife. I had to jump over and spin the prop until I could loosen it enough to loop it over the blades. It would have been a very long slow ride home otherwise.