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South East winds again today due to the impending cold front that we expect to get tomorrow. Every time the wind goes SE we have been catching dolphin offshore. Today was no different. Nice Weed line and a slow pick of dolphin.

Unfortunately, we lost the biggest fish of the day. It was a bull dolphin about 20-25 lbs. The fish ate an artificial lure instead of a bait. The artificial lures are good for small dolphin, but generally speaking, you don’t want the big fish to eat them. They tend to get lip hooked on the artificial, while they tend to swallow the baits and get gut hooked. Less chance of pulling the hook when they are hooked deep.

Dolphin like to jump a lot, which is why they are so spectacular to catch. This big bull put on a great show and jumped over a dozen times before the hook pulled. The angler was doing a great job, no fault to him. Sometimes they just get off. I guess it just wasn’t it’s day to die.